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The subtle art of not giving a fuck – Book Summary

The subtle art of not giving a fuck – Book Summary. No matter how happy we are, none of us can be happy from the heart. And this problem is seen in most people. Because we focus on less important tasks. As a result, every one of our small issues becomes the cause of big problems. When we compare our lives with others on social media, we go into depression.

We suffer from mental illnesses like Anxiety. For these reasons, none of us can be happy.

So today we will learn some ideas from Mark Manson’s book ‘The subtle art of not giving a fuck – Book Summary’ how we can be happy from the inside by giving less importance to small things.

No-1) Theory Of Backward

Most of the time it is the opposite of what we think. The more I try to be happy, the sadder I become. No matter how much we try to have confidence, we become nervous while talking. Because the more we think about something, the more we lack it.

Hoping to get positive things, makes us negative. And the negative thing makes it positive to move forward. According to the author, it is not that we do not think much about anything. But we will think more about the things that are most important in our lives.

For example, suppose you go to a job interview. Just a little less confidence in you. For this reason, you are thinking about how to get confidence all day long. What will that be? What kind of questions can you ask there? Instead of thinking about it, you think about confidence all day long.

As a result, whenever you go for a job interview, the confidence that is not in your head will come. The rest you can imagine. To find out the most important thing first, ‘What kind of questions can you ask?’ And keep thinking about it, then work. The more you try to be positive by cutting the negative, the more you will become negative. So go ahead leaving the negative side.

No- 2) Happiness Is A Problem

According to the author, we cannot be happy with what we have. But we are saddened by the sadness we have.
The problem is of a physical nature. Another emotional. Problems never leave our lives. It just keeps improving over time. There must be problems in life. Because having no problem in life is also a problem.

The more problems in life, the better our life will be. We panic when we try to solve small problems in life. Because we don’t want to admit that problems will come in our life. We love to stay away from problems all the time. But this way we can’t stay well for long.

You should take responsibility for your own problems. How can I solve those problems? That should be considered. Because solving those problems inspires you to solve bigger problems in life.

No- 3) Failure Is The Way Forward

According to the author, success in our lives comes only when we know we are failing in small things. Our failures are the only proof of success. If anyone is more successful than us. Then he has failed many times more than us. But if someone has failed us too, it means that the problems we have solved have not yet come to life.

For example, when a scientist invents something new, he often fails. She never thought it would be impossible for me. But he kept trying.

Many of us come at a time when we are afraid to fail. When we are angry or sad, we do not get out of those feelings and think about how to increase those feelings. At this point we have only one goal, how can we get back to a feeling good situation. But that is not possible. All failures are transformed into successes at once. If we can work on that failure.

Suppose I bought a washing machine. As I will not be perfect about this machine, it is not possible to know about its use from the first day. How to clean clothes etc. There are more small problems. Once I solve these small problems, I will know everything in a few days. I never thought of that. Problems will come in every aspect of our lives. So I have to accept the problem.

No-4) Importance Of Saying NO

There is only one way to make our lives meaningful and important.
Saying ‘no’ to what we don’t need in life. To be committed to a place, a goal, a person. The problem starts when we start accepting everything.

For example, suppose the first boy in the class is Ram. He was first as long as he was just studying. But then one by one he started playing sports and chatting with friends, at the request of friends. So naturally, his studies are deficient and the results are bad. But if he had just been studying, not his friends, maybe the test results would have been better. So we have to learn not to say what we don’t need in life.

No-5) Then We Die

We all fear death. So it is better not to think about death. When someone dies beside us, we forget him a few days later.

But according to the author, our physical body will end one day or another. Because it teaches us to live more vividly. So we have to solve our own problems by putting the eternal truth of life in front of us.

Fear needs to be overcome on its own. We have to accept our failures. Our lives should never be measured by one year or one month of trial. You have to think about big identities all the time.

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