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The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking – Book Summary

When we go to talk to new people, we often don’t know what to say. That is, a hesitation is felt. It seems as if I am not laughing when I go to talk. There is nothing to panic about. This is the case with many. Dale Carnegie’s book “The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking” book summary states that this is a very common thing. Sometimes in life we ​​almost all deal with this problem. Let’s share 6 tricks with you from this book today so that we can develop our communication skills.

1) Fundamentals of Public Speaking-

The author says that the fear of speaking was in all his students. The reason is – lack of self-confidence. And Lack of self-confidence develops from a lack of knowledge. Whenever I want to talk to someone else, I should say things that we have experience with. Or you have to do good research on the topic that you have been asked to talk about. Then you have to relate it to yourself.

This is how we need to communicate. We get nervous when we listen to others or share half knowledge. And in any work where communication is the main factor, if it is nervous, it will not work. Again, if we share our experience or share something that we are directly connected to then our confidence becomes high.

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2) Fill Your Talk With Illustration and Examples-

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking – Book Summary tells that, If you also find it difficult to make your content illustrative, then the author has said here 5 ways so that we can improve speaking skills.

A) Humanize Your Talk –

In the beginning, to crack attention, we need to focus on some points. Whenever we talk through example, experience, the rest of us can relate to our words.

B) Personalize Your Talk Using Names-

Add realism to any word. Because human nature is to identify any subject by name. Whenever I am sharing a story in which many others are involved, I need to mention their name.

C) Specify Details in Your Talk-

The author suggests a “5W” formula. Which adds more details to our words. “5W” means WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHO, AND WHY. Whenever we check this “5W” in our words, our words become more belivaval.

D) Dramatize Your Talks Using Examples-

It is important to generalize our words. So that everyone can connect with us.

E) Visualize Using Familiar Words That Create Pictures-

Chatting The reason we find it interesting is the presence of emojis. Where we can visually describe our words. Which strengthens any conversation. Whenever we give our speech somewhere, we have to speak in such a way that the picture is created in the mind of the audience. This will make others feel connected with us.

3) Compare the Strange With the Familiar-

When we have knowledge on a topic, we have confidence but whenever we share it with someone, they do not understand us. And it lowers our confidence. For this, we have to try to simply explain the difficult issues. The best rule of communication is not to show how much knowledge we have, but to share our knowledge and experience with everyone in a way that they can understand.

4) Arrange Your Ideas in a Sequence-

The most important quality of an effective speaker is that he can make the audience feel the way he feels by speaking. For this, we have to limit our subject. We need to stay focused on what we are talking about. It is better not to change the topic randomly. We have to logically arrange our words according to time and sequence. The best way is to arrange the past, present, and future.

5) Don’t Try To Imitate Others. Be Yourself-

If you want to be the most effective speaker, then the most important thing is that no one else thinks while listening to you. They don’t think we talk like that, we act like everyone else. Because our biggest strength is our identity. There are 3 types of people- one follower- who keep themselves most align. Agrees with others.

Second contradictors- who disagree in every word to show themselves differently. In reality, these two types of people do not affect anyone. last is individuals- the author said we should be like this. They agree or disagree on the basis of their knowledge, experiences, and beliefs. They have different personalities.

6) Seize Every Opportunity That Comes Your Way-

The author says “No one can learn to speak in public without speaking in public”. Without speaking we cannot learn how to speak. If we really want to end the fear of speaking, if we want to improve communication skills, then there is only one solution. That is practice. Being a good communicator is not a talent. The author says that it is a skill.

Which we can learn. It takes fear to learn. And there is only one way to do it. That is – head-on deal. If you want to overcome the fear of talking, you have to talk more and more. You have to practice talking to others.

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