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The Now Habit By Neil Fiore – Book Summary

Is your life getting out of your control? If your answer is yes, then the main reason is your procrastination. The Now Habit By Neil Fiore – Book Summary can end our procrastination. That is to avoid or delay some urgent work. Not Today, tomorrow. This kind of attitude. And with that comes some negative thoughts that make your procrastination worse.

 American psychologist Neil Fiore says procrastination is a habit. For which we avoid or delay any urgent work.

This does not always mean that we are too lazy. There is always some fear in our minds. Such as the fear of failing. Also responsible for our low self-esteem, unclear goal, low confidence.

Today I will bring you 7 lessons from the book The Now Habit By Neil Fiore – Book Summary so that you can lose your procrastination and become more productive. And the more you can do the work that you have avoided so far.

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Where does procrastination come from

Before we end Procrastination we need to know how it develops. If we know how prostitution develops then we can finish it from the beginning. If you dislike doing something, it is because you have already had negative thoughts about that job. You failed that job last time. And by procrastination, you avoid the fear of failing again. This is why if you are procrastinating doing something that is very important to you, first of all, you need to know why you are procrastinating to do that work. When you know this cause you will Stop Procrastinating.

Keep Track of your Time

The author says that by tracking the time we can use the 24 hours of the day very well. Which gives you confidence that you can improve by it. Our brain is a problem-solving machine. When you give your brain all the data with the problem then the brain will start to solve it.

By tracking your own time when you see where you are wasting your time then clearly you will use the time correctly. So, from the next day, you should observe the 24 hours of your day well, how long it takes to eat your food, how much time you use social media, how much you read down all the notes. And when you have all the data available, you will be able to adjust well to all these tasks.


Change How you Talk to Yourself

The habit of Procrastination is connected with your internal thoughts. When we leave the important work and use the phone before we talk to ourselves which helps our brain to take action. For example, you are reading. And you get stuck in a problem that you can’t solve.

Or you’re getting a boring reading. This time you say to yourself – “This task is very difficult. But I can not do it.” .. And as a solution, your brain reminds you of your phone and you sit down with the phone. The author focuses a lot on what he is saying to himself.

Because our brain accepts what we say to ourselves. And take action on that basis. To avoid Procrastination for this, look at what you are saying to yourself. And change that. For example, if you say to yourself, “This is too difficult for me, I can’t do it.” And tell yourself that – “Yeah it’s a little difficult. But I can do it right”. The author says that regular positive self-talk Procrastination can be the best way to beat.

 Guilt-free play, quality work

The main problem for most procrastinators is that they can never be guilt-free and enjoy life. They continue to avoid their important work and waste their time by prostrating due to this guilt. Where they waste their time in games or social media. Then they feel guilty that they wasted their time investing in these things. And it creates a guilt loop.


The author says that a procrastinator can never be happy in his life. He is so unsatisfied with his work from the very beginning and then he feels guilty for the activities that he does. For which the author says- that we have to separate work and fun activities.


The phone cannot be used while working. Again don’t think about your work while you’re enjoying it. Most people mix these two things as a result of which their productivity decreases. Set aside sometime during the day to relax your mind. Where you can have fun without any worries. And set aside time for your work where you just work. Do not do Procrastination in any way.

Three Dimensional Thinking

Many times it is difficult for us to start any work. And even if we start, we can never finish. The author says that the reason for this is that we see work as a big project. Which should end today. In Three Dimensional Thinking, we divide many big tasks into smaller ones. And to complete that, let’s create a timeline. And in this, we can easily complete the work.

 The Unschedule

Whenever we think of changing our procrastination habit and think that it will finish all our pending work, for which we create a schedule. And I add all the work in this schedule which looks very productive in the paper. But the author says that it is not practically possible.

We procrastinate because we don’t like to work. When we fill the schedule with a lot of work, our brain gets more tired of seeing so much work. For this reason, most people cannot follow their daily schedule. That’s why the author told us to unscheduled the work.

Where you need to set your daily time routine in such a way that you will write the basic activities in your time. For example- set time for traveling, food, sleeping, etc, and all fun activities. It works like reverse psychology for you.

When your brain can’t find a job in your daily schedule, the brain will follow that job without any effort. And you will spend quality time in the time that will be empty. Then you will see that you have some time in 24 hours which you can use for your important work.

Prepare for setbacks

It will be very easy to end procrastination. You took a few years to make that habit. So it will take a long time to finish it. Here you will fail many times. Most people work hard to get rid of this habit. And whenever he fails, he quits. Because he thinks he can never change her. The Now Habit By Neil Fiore Book Summary – The author says that in order to grow or break any habits, we need to fail many times.


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