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The 6 Habits Of Unhappy People

Happy people don’t try for happiness. They don’t look for it. Happy people become happy as a sidenote to living their life the best way they can. Unhappy people seem to want to fix their unhappiness and in doing so miss the mark altogether. Happiness can’t be chased. It can’t be found. It can’t be grasped. It happens, when everything else falls into place. You can’t fix unhappiness unless you fix your inner dormant self. 
               So, let’s discuss the 6 major habits of unhappy people.

1) Complaining Too Much:

Unhappy people never see their own mistakes. They always gossip about others. Blame others. They do not realize that it is their fault. In any situation, they behave imperfect a lot of the time. They always see what they don’t have, but never see what they have. They often misbehave with others, even in small matters. So, we should avoid these kind of people.

2) Seeing the Negative in Every Situation:

Every situation has both negative and positive aspects. We have to adapt to these. But, unhappy people don’t understand it. Unhappy people deal with the negative aspects of each situation. “Why did it happen? It couldn’t have happened.” These are their thoughts. The positive side is not in their eyes.

3)Overreacting to Minor Problems:

Every action has a reaction but when it comes to unhappy people, they tend to overreact in almost every problem. Every smaller negative thing can impact their lives in a bigger way. They pay attention to minor problems more and make it big by overreacting.

 Habits Of Unhappy People
The 6 Habits Of Unhappy People

4) Living in Either the Past or the Future:

Such people always think about the past or the future. Yes, we should think about the future. But, overthinking should not be done. They do not understand that our present situation depends on the past situation and the future situation depends on the present situation. They always think about the past or some mistakes made in the past and this is why most people suffer from depression.

5) Feeling Jealousy:

Rather than celebrating the successes of those around them, unhappy people will be jealous of their achievements. They will typically wonder “Why not me?” when they see someone get a benefit or perk that they don’t have. They will talk about how that person didn’t deserve it or perhaps even acted inappropriately to get it. But, they will not understand that how much hard work is required to achieve success.

6) Not Improving:  

Because unhappy people are pessimists and feel a lack of control over their lives, they tend to sit back and wait for life to happen to them. Instead of setting goals, learning, and improving themselves, they just keep plodding along, and then they wonder why things never change.

                             So, these are the 6 major habits of unhappy people. Being unhappy takes a lot of things but to be happy you just need to keep an open mind. Unhappy people suffer for their own habits, they fall into the traps that they make. It doesn’t even cost a single penny to be happy but to be unhappy, costs a lot of your time, energy, and a big portion of your life. So, keep yourself happy and healthy.