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Tips for Handling Criticism:

steps for Handling Criticism
Tips for Handling Criticism

“To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing”
     ——— Elbert Hubbard

Here six golden tips for handling criticism.

1.  Does not take it personally. Generally, critics are revealing their dislike of your idea or your performance. Let them have their opinions.

2. Learn from their words. Do deep thinking.  Find some truth in their statements. And rectify yourself.

3. Do not criticize the critics. This is a very bad idea. Critics do not confidently know that you are wrong. But when you criticize critics then critic confirm that you are wrong.

4. But don’t be fully defensive. You have to judge the situation while trying to prove that you are right and another person is wrong. And while you have to silence with smiles.

5. Accept all negatives from critics. And you have to accept many people focus on negative.

6. When people do vicious comments, mind it that the people who are unhappy with themselves.

steps for Handling Criticism
Tips for Handling Criticism

You have to remember that not everyone will like you, your goal, and your actions. Accept criticism is part of life. And learn from it where possible.
Stay true on your own values and conviction. If other does not approve, so what? These Six golden Tips for Handling Criticism can help you for a smart life.

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