Ruben’s 6 Rules For Success motivation and happiness

Ruben Gonzalez is a four-time Olympian, a professional keynote speaker, and a bestselling author. He holds the record for being the first athlete to participate in four different Winter Olympic games. Ruben’s 6 Rules For Success motivation and happiness.

Some motivational books-  

  • “The Inner Game of Success,
  • “The Courage to Succeed,”
  •  “Fight for Your Dream,”  
  • “Dream, Struggle, Victory,”
  •  “How to Get Where You Want to Be,”
  • “Success Secrets for Teens.”
  • His books teach the success rules that we can apply in our student life, personal life, business life, sports life. I am going to share with you the Rubens 6 success rules for happiness and motivation.
6 Rules For Success
Ruben’s 6 Rules For Success
  • 1) You’ll never achieve anything great in life. And until you start believing that something inside of you is bigger than the circumstances you face.
  • 2) You can become great by making a decision to pursue your dream in life and by refusing to quit.
  • 3) Every success you’ve ever had or will never have is the product of your courage to act and the courage to endure. 
  • 4) Success isn’t about how much talent you have. It’s about what you do with the talent you do have. 
  • 5) Successful people love the battle, the challenge, and the journey. It’s about knowing that you did your best. 
  • 6) If you do whatever it takes for however long it takes, success is only a matter of time.  

These are the 6 golden rules of writer Ruben’s Gonzalez for Success motivation and happiness in life. We can improve our lives by following these 6 rules. Only desire needs to be strong. If you really want to be successful. You must become enjoy your journey whatever the journey is good or not so good. When you have to clear idea of what to do to achieve the goal. You can easily move forward without making excuses about distractions. Work hard. Stay motivated.

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