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Motivational Biography Of Sir Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar is an Indian Mathematics educator
Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar is an Indian Mathematics educator best known
for his Super 30 program, which he started in Patna, Bihar in 2002, and which coaches underprivileged students for IIT-JEE, the entrance examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Anand Kumar was born on 1st January 1973. The motivational biography of Sir Anand Kumar Despite overcoming various difficult situations, he has moved forward only with a strong will and a positive attitude.

Early Life:

Anand Kumar was born in Patna, Bihar, India. His father was a clerk in the postal department of India. His father could not afford private schooling for his children, and Anand attended a Hindi medium government school, where he developed his deep interest in mathematics. In his childhood, he studied at Patna High School, in Patna, Bihar. During his graduation, Kumar submitted papers on number theory, which were published in the Mathematical Spectrum.

Kumar secured admission to the University of Cambridge, but could not attend because of his father’s death and his financial condition, even after seeking sponsors in 94 – 95, both in Patna and Delhi.

Kumar would work on mathematics during day time and sell papads in evenings with his mother, who had started a business from home, to support their family. Anand Kumar tutored students to earn extra funds.

Since Patna University library did not have foreign journals, for his own study, he would travel every weekend on a six-hour train journey to Varanasi, where his younger brother, learning violin under N. Rajam, had a hostel room. Thus he would spend Saturday and Sunday at the Central Library, BHU, and return to Patna on Monday morning.

Teaching Career:

Anand Kumar began teaching mathematics in 1992. He rented a classroom for Rs. 500 per month, and started his own institute, the Ramanujan School of Mathematics (RSM).Within the span of a year, his class grew from two students to thirty-six, and after three years almost 500 students had enrolled. Then in early 2000, when a poor student came to him seeking coaching for IIT-JEE, who could not afford the annual admission fee due to poverty, Kumar was motivated to start the “Super 30” program in 2002, for which he is now well-known.

Super 30 program :

Since 2002, every May, the Ramanujan School of Mathematics holds a competitive test to select 30 students for the “Super 30 program”. Many students appear at the test, and eventually, he takes thirty intelligent students from economically backward sections, tutors them, and provides study materials and lodging for a year. He prepares them for the Joint Entrance Examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). His mother, Jayanti Devi, cooks for the students, and his brother Pranav Kumar takes care of the management.

From 2003 to 2017, 391 students out of 450 passed the IITs, In 2002 all the students of Super 30 cleared IIT JEE entrance making it a three in a row for the institution. Kumar has no financial support for Super 30 from any government as well as private agencies and manages on the tuition fee he earns from the Ramanujan Institute. After the success of Super 30 and its growing popularity, he received offers from the private sector – both national and international companies – as well as the government for financial help, but he has refused it; he wanted to sustain Super 30 through his own efforts.

Awards And Recognition:

Shri Anand Kumar has received many awards for his stupendous work. On September 19,2019, was felicitated with the prestigious teaching award – Education Excellence Award 2019 – by the Foundation for Excellence in San Jose, California.

In 2017, Anand Kumar received the Rashtriya Bal Kalyan Award. In 2010, he was awarded the S. Ramanujan Award by the Institute of Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (IRDS). He also received the “Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Shiksha Puraskar” given by the Bihar government and “Prof. Yashwantrao Kelkar Yuva Puraskar” award by Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP) in 2010

In 2009, Kumar’s name was included in the Limca Book of Records for helping poor students in clearing the IIT-JEE entrance exam. Other than the awards, Anand Kumar has featured in many newspapers, magazines, and shows like The New York Times and Time Magazine, etc.

Motivational Speech Of Anand Kumar:

School exams are merely exams. You will have to face harder exams in the future. If you are really ready and wanna do something, the future will be yours.

Only our young students have the power to make our nation ‘Vishwa Guru’ (World Power).

One of my students Nidhi Jha was the daughter of a rickshaw driver. She came to me and studied very hard and got admission in IIT. A French director made a movie on her life story.

A Japanese company NHK researched India to find out the reason behind the Growth of India. Students from slums were shown in movies studying in poor conditions. And at the end of the movie, a line reads ‘This is the future of India’.

I have requested IBC24 to provide me a platform in the future to give maths classes to students all over India. And I will not charge a single rupee for my service.

Students should try to understand the subject rather than cramming it. A student should first find an answer to how and why to understand the subject.

Our biggest treasure is hard work. Never get depressed, just work hard in the right direction and think that the future is yours.

A journey of thousand miles starts with the first step. And your first step must be in the right direction.

Anand Kumar has four formulas of success – Tremendous Efforts, Positive Thinking, Continuous Hard Work, and Utmost Patience.

Based on my experience, I can confidently say if one follows these formulas then no one can stop him to achieve his goal.

We can only guide you but you have to work hard. This is the responsibility of teachers to guide students towards the field they really enjoy. If you face failure then try to find out the reason behind it, be courageous, and work hard. Hard work never goes waste, it always pays off. You may start slow but you need to concentrate on your target. The tortoise always wins the race.

                         Anand Kumar has taught students with interest and selflessness. Not only that, but he has also been constantly motivating students. It is because of his indomitable courage and enthusiasm that many students have reached the pinnacle of development today. He also overcame all adversity. From his motivational biography, we can learn how to deal with adversity.

From the motivational biography of Sir Anand Kumar, we learn that the Hunger and hard work are needed to win. Because we know there is no substitute for hard work. There will be obstacles on the way forward. But, we have to leave these behind and move on. Remember, success is not possible without failure.

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