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Mind Hacking By John Hargrave Book Summary

Mind Hacking By John Hargrave Book Summary. Author John Hargrave says that we can hack our mind and reprogram it in just 21 days. And our mind will work as we say. In the next 21 days, our minds will be able to control our minds, not ours. And we will feel much more positive than before. The book “Mind Hacking” written by author John Hargrave will help us in this case. In this book, the author tells us some mind games and mind hacks that help us to build healthy patterns of concentration and meta-thinking. The mind games and mind hacks are-

Imaginary Games- For Mind Hacking

The author says that the best way to remove all the negative emotions is to add more positive things to our life. To do this, the author has suggested some games. Through which we can change our mood and feel more positive and confident.

Five Words-

In this game, we have to write 5 words so that people remember us. If we want people to remember us even after we left the world, how honest, hard-working, and strong you were. Then imagine those days and write 5 words. Which will increase your value in your eyes.

10 Million Dollars Check-

It inspires a true story. Comedy actor Jim Carrey struggled at the start of his career. At that time he gave himself a 10 million dollar check sign. He thought the day he would really get 10 million dollars through work, how much he would like that day. Since then, all his negative emotions have turned positive. Do something for yourself. And keep reading it every day. It will help you stay inspired daily.

Smiling In The Shower-

Whenever we feel low or sad in life, the author says this time we have to smile forcefully. It makes us feel instantly better. So when we smile forcefully, our brain thinks we are happy. And it makes all the negative emotions positive.

 Best of You- Mind Hacking

A research was conducted with some college students. And they were told- what do you imagine your life after 10 years? In what position do you see yourself? What will he be able to achieve in the next 10 years? – They have to write about all these for 20 minutes daily.

There have been many positive changes in them in just 3 days of doing this. And they became very productive. The author says- we need to have full power in our vision of the future. So whenever we think about the future, excitement will work between us.

Read More – Limitless 

We need to realize how much better the future can be for us. How much better life we ​​can lead. Which will keep us ultimately motivated. If you also want to get a better life, write today what you want to achieve in life, who you want to spend your life with, how much balance you have in your bank, who you are in the world, how much you are enjoying your life.

 Debugging Your Mind-

Suppose you are a hacker. You are working on a core. You must eliminate all boxes. For example, there is a box in the computer program which repeatedly shows errors. Similarly, if you want to hack your brain then you have to debug your brain. The author says that we all have different mental bugs. Which does not occur to us easily.

Or generally, we continue to ignore them. The author has given a suggestion to debug the mind. That is – you need to look at the areas of your life that are not working. Where your pain is. It can be your health, your relationships, financial problems, anxiety, depression, etc.

Choose the area you need to work in. And see what story you are repeatedly telling yourself about that particular area. The reason for this is that we have to find out the negative side of that problem and debug it to create a positive thought look.

For example, your health is not in your best phase. And you keep telling yourself that you have to go to the gym again today. I am very tired today. I do not have the energy to run. I hate exercising. Now whenever you think of exercising, these negative thoughts will be activated.

And you can never exercise. Now, if you tell yourself that – exercise makes me feel more energetic. I like it a lot after exercising. These thoughts will create a positive thoughts loop for you. And you will automatically start taking action.

 Get in Shape-

If I ask you what you should do if you want to improve your physical health. You will say- he is forbidden to eat junk food, you have to exercise regularly. And you have to follow a healthy diet. But when it comes to mental health – generally we do not know how to take care of the mind.

If you want 6 packs then you know how much work you have to do physically for it. Similarly, if you want to have a highly focused and productive mindset, then you have to follow a mental diet. For this, you need to reclaim and retrain your brain.


Reclaiming the brain means saving all your attention. Avoid things where your mind goes automatically. To do this you need to reduce all your distractions.


To retrain our brain, the author said that we have to play mind games. That is meditation. We think meditation is a very boring job. So, the author says to treat meditation as a mind game. The author suggests a funny game.

Whose name is Alien Blaster? Where we sit and meditate on our breath. And suddenly a thought comes to our mind. This is normal. To treat those thoughts in such a way that it is an alien. And it has to be blasted. And we have to bring our attention back to our breathing. It will make us focused and productive.

What’s the way-

Football coach Pete Carroll was asked how he trains his athletes so that they consistently perform better. So he said that he told his athletes to think of the peak moment where he is performing very well, where he is in a very stressed situation and he has to make a quick decision. They are giving their best and how they are feeling in this state of mind.

He says to focus on what is preventing you from giving the best while Mind Hacking. The author says that we also have to imagine our perfect day. I have to imagine that we are highly productive, very happy and that is a normal day of my life. But, we are giving it 100 percent to make it the best day.

And we are much happier. Now there are some thoughts that are preventing this day from being the best. Every day you have to try to make each day the best. Whatever this perfect day comes to us, we have to avoid it. You have to make your own daily schedule. Where we will write down what we will do from morning to night.

If you apply these 5 techniques in 21 days of daily life, you will see many positive changes in your life.

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