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Limitless Book By Jim Kwik – Review And Summary

Limitless Book Author Jim had an accident in his life when he was studying at KG. He fell off the bench. His head was hit and it was very serious, for which his school life was much hampered.

He couldn’t remember anything. Couldn’t pay attention to anything. That’s why one of his teachers once called him “the boy with the broken brain”.

From then on, he began to think of himself as different from others. He thought that there was nothing he could do that other could do. In this way, mental pressure is created in him.

But he knew that if he worked hard, he would be able to prove his worth in any endeavor. So he started to increase his intelligence and talent to increase his skill. He started developing his learning skills by reading new books.

Until the age of 16, he could not read any books but for the last 30 years, he finished reading 1 book every week.

Now let’s discuss a step from Jim Kwik’s book (LIMITLESS) that will help us speed up our studies and understand something better than before.

1.The 4,3,2,1 Method-

According to Henry Ford “Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right”. If we think we can’t read well, then we have lost interest in reading well. To make us limitless, we must first create ourselves so that we can achieve what we want.

The author has told us about this method to prove it. With the help of which we can understand the mental capacity of our reading. First of all, we have to read a 4-minute book from the beginning like our own. After 4 minutes we have to leave a bookmark as far as we can read.

Now you have to set the timer on your watch for 3 minutes and start reading again. Then you have to read the whole thing in two minutes. And in the end, you have to finish reading that page mark in one minute.

Then you have to set the time again for four minutes and read it slowly again. Now you will notice that in four minutes you have started reading more than before.

2) 3 Bad reading habits to avoid:

Regression: While reading, our brain automatically pronounces some words in a sentence automatically. Due to this our reading speed decreases. The same author says Regression. The author says to use “Pacer” for this bad habit.

Attention Follows Movement- When we read with our fingers while reading, we no longer read the words. And that’s how we move forward.

Subvocalizing-  As children, we used to read in pairs. And even after growing up, we still have this habit. Through this, our reading speed depends on our speaking speed. We can read 200 to 250 words in 1 minute without saying a word.

Since we know 99% of the words, there is no need to spell them every time. That is why if we read by mind then our brain understands these words very quickly. Through this, our reading and understanding speed increases a lot.

Some people read word for word even though they remember it. We train our eyes when we start reading. Let’s focus on one word at a time. When we become familiar with many words or sentences, we can understand only by looking at some words.

  1. Improve Your Focus-

Focus is our mental capacity where our conscious mind becomes fully aware and can give full attention to the same task without any other distraction. It is very important for our brain and body to be calm if we always want to be highly focused.

This is why our physical health affects our mental health. The environment we are in must be very calm and peaceful. As a result, we can increase our focus ability.

  1. Limitless Motivation-

According to the author, motivation is a kind of energy that gives the ability to do anything. We need the energy to chat with friends. You need the energy to do school-college or any boring job.

Which is called motivation. But we don’t need too much motivation for all our work. In some cases, we don’t feel motivated to play games, hang up the phone, or watch TV.

But if we have to study or go to the gym every day, we need motivation for some compulsory work. The author says we need to create motivation energy in this way-

Motivation = Purpose × Energy × Small steps

We need to have a purpose in life to stay motivated. Which will really add some value to our lives. We need the energy to do that. Through which we can gain knowledge related to that work.

  1. Affecting Reading:

Imagine being forced to read your school’s English book. On the other hand, if a person you like or a successful person or your mentor tells you with a book – “If you read this book you will be progressive in your life.” … then which one would you be more interested in?

There is no doubt that you will be interested in reading your mentor’s book. Because you will be curious to know the secrets of that book. That means you will be able to gain knowledge by reading that book better and faster. The author says that learning is “state-dependent”.

We are not even interested in our school life. Because school books are very boring. We do not learn with interest. Rather we are taught forcefully. We have to increase our curiosity before learning anything.

For which we have to ask ourselves these three questions, firstly: What good things can happen in your life if you learn this thing? Secondly: How much can my knowledge increase if I read this? Third: Can I apply what I am learning practically in my life?

  1. Limitless Mindset-

The author of Limitless Book says that our mindset begins by talking to ourselves. Most people say to themselves- they are looser, nothing will happen to them and they are having a bad time, they can’t change themselves.

Then they will never really be able to change themselves. Our brains accept what we say to ourselves and begin to take action on them.

But if we tell ourselves that we can change ourselves by working harder, then our brain will continue to obey these words and act accordingly. The author tells us to do three things to limit our brains.

  1. Be aware of your own words. See what you are saying to yourself and what you are believing.
  2. Now compare the facts with what you believe. How much truth is there in what you are thinking?
  3. After everything is clear to you, bring positive thoughts in your mind instead of your negative thoughts. Where you say you can’t do it, you tell yourself that you can do it all if you want to.

10 Actions You Should Take

  1. Use your brain to remember more things than your phone, like a grocery list.
  2. Make a list of the things you think are bad about yourself. Work to get rid of or disprove them.
  3. Give your brain a break. Drive your car without any music on. Make sure you don’t look at your phone while you eat food.
  4. Use the Pomodoro method to read, learn, and do other things. There are still 25 minutes to go before the show starts. Take a five-minute rest. Repeat.
  5. Think about what your goal and why are. When you do your best work, who is counting on you to be limitless and reach your goals?
  6. In this case, you should buy Jim’s top 10 brain food suggestions and add them to your regular food.
  7. Make sure your work and learning space is clean.
  8. Work backward and figure out what small steps you can take to reach your goal.
  9. Take a cold shower, do breathing exercises, and meditate in the morning.
  10. Try to read a piece of text while you say the number of each number out loud. This will help you not to talk while you read. Reading without sub-vocalization is very important for speed reading.

My Opinion On Limitless Book:

This Limitless Book is productive and useful only if we start working on the thoughts in this book. This book has a lot of good information and things you can do to learn “How to learn.” There are many people who want to improve or sharpen their mental abilities, and Limitless would be a great tool for them.

Jim tells his own story at the start of the book to show how the techniques in the book can be used and to introduce the “Limitless” mindset. ways and means on how to read and remember what you read from a book of any kind!

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This book does a great job of explaining what a limitless mindset is and how it looks. It also talks about why it’s important, debunks a few myths, and talks about limiting beliefs, energy, and simple steps that can help you get an edge over other people.

How to improve yourself is also good. Jim goes into a lot of detail about how to speed read, improve your memory, learn better, and more.

Another thing to note is that some of these methods and mindsets can be found in many other books as well. Jim twists the same idea a little and gives the same thing from a new angle! Oh, and the whole book is full of examples and analogies.

The most fun parts were when he used pop culture, superheroes from DC and Marvel, and other examples to make his point. And it was fun to think about these superheroes from the point of view he talks about!

A lot of things I liked about the book. There are questions each chapter will answer, and each one starts by telling you what those questions are Each chapter comes to an end with a list of things you should do. This is what you should memorize.

There are also “Kwik Starts,” which are things you can do in less than a minute to try out the technique or method in the book. No, they didn’t work for me.

I tried a few and they did seem to help. The book is full of acronyms, and oh my gosh, they do work! I still remember a lot because of them. I really like the list of books Jim gives at the end of the book. That’s a great help.

Make My Recommendation

If you’re a student, you need to read this book now. Before the new school year starts, it would be a great help for students if they read this. This book limitless is also great for anyone who wants to learn more or learn how to learn.



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