How To Stop External Influences?

It is important to understand that when we talk about external influences, we are talking about negative external influences. However, external influences can also be bringing in positivity, and that must be welcomed. What we have to consider in such cases is what we like and what we don’t like. We will certainly like positive influences and dislike the negative ones. Let us discuss 4 ways to stop external influences.

1) Mindset:

It is very important to have a mindset before starting any work. We have to think in advance what we need to do. The bigger our dream, the smaller our road will be. And we also have to go through that small road if we really want to fulfill our big dreams. Once we have our mindset, no one will be able to stop us. A strong mindset can prevent any kind of external influences.

How To Stop External Influences?
External Influences

2) Learn to  Say “No”:

“No” might be a very small word but it isn’t easy to say. Our inability to say ‘no’ is what increases the influence of external factors on our lives. Many things in the world will try to drag us down, many things will try to distract us but if we think something is not right for us then we can reject it without hesitation. One doesn’t become bad if they say “no”, so remove such an unnecessary burden from your mind and learn to say “no”.

3) Select the right group:

A group is a place where there is inclusive participation. It is important that every group
member’s voice be heard, only then can a decision be taken. A group that does not have a place for differences can take wrong decisions. That is why we must be careful to choose the right group- whether it be our friends or people around us. We must only associate with groups where individual identity is encouraged.

4) Write Down The Thoughts:

We all know and agree that there is a difference between reading and writing. When we write, we are far more conscious and express ourselves better. So if we want to know our thoughts better, writing them down is a good practice.When we look at our own handwriting we will think “this is my thought, I wrote it” and then no external influence or distraction can come.

                          These are 4 ways that I think personally really helpful to stop external influences. Many types of external influences will come before starting any work. This may be the law of nature. Although it is easy to do something, it is the most difficult thing to do in the end. And with it there is external influence. So, it is very important to have mindset in this case.

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