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How To Control My Self?

  “I cannot trust a man to control if he cannot

        control himself.”

                    – Robert E. Lee

           Self-control is often referred to as will power, not yielding to the fresh and high emotional intelligence or control. Most commonly, when someone makes a comment such as “He lacks the will power” it means that he lacks self-control. Self-control is the ability to exhibit restraint when our impulses want us to act contrarily and our ability to shelve or resist the temptation at a stressful moment because we want to achieve a greater goal. 

             Self-control impacts every area of our lives. Personally, we need to exercise self-control with our diet, television intake, and excessive shopping, just to name a few examples. Additionally, organizational leaders want to hire individuals who can execute high emotional control. 


 improving self-control

So much of success and achieving goals is built on good habits, and good habits are often built on discipline, self-control, and the elimination of bad habits. But improving self-control and building good habits is much easier said than done, and it takes a lot of physical and mental discipline to better ourselves. Here are 8 ways to help improve self-control. 

1) Learn How To Manage Stress: 

Stopping and taking a few deep breaths helps our heart rate slow down, which helps us relax at the moment. Make sure to exercise regularly, eat well, and make sure we are getting enough sleep. It all improve focus, cognitive function, and our health.

We make a poor decision when our blood sugar is low and we are sleep deprived. Exercise helps us sleep better and have discipline with our diet. Learning how to manage stress in a healthy way ensures us have the energy to keep grinding when work and life can feel overwhelming. 

2) Try To Listen To What The Other Person Say: 

We have to try to listen to what the other person has in mind when we are communicating. We have to be a listener. Take an example now. Suppose an emergency meeting is going on. At that moment, something else came to our mind that might have been right there. But we should not say that right away.

The reason is that the person who is giving his opinion at that time may not like the matter very much or he may be upset thinking that we did not allow him to speak in the middle. Self-control is very important at this time. The person who can control himself can also control his life. Although it is very difficult to control yourself at any time, it can be called a great quality. Not everyone can do it.

3) Don’t Try To Dominate Others: 

We should not try to dominate, control, or manipulate others. Never force others to join your team. We should not control anyone. Suppose I am a senior officer in an office. Everyone in the office does any work by asking me. I say officer if you want to control everyone, that’s not right. Everyone has a different opinion.

You don’t have to give my opinion without giving importance to it. We should never say to anyone, “You can’t do this.” Rather, he needs to be encouraged. We must always motivate others. One thing to keep in mind is that it is not right to force someone to do something. It is very important that we have self-control.

"You can't do this."
Control My Self

4) Eliminate Anger: 

Anger is a terrible thing. Anger never lets people improve. Sometimes it is very important to control anger. Only then can we improve in our own place. Suppose I am a businessman. I have a lot of customers. The customer did not like my service for any special reason. He made it clear to me. And with him came a lot of bitter words.

My anger will naturally come over him. Even if I say something to him in anger, ultimately I will not get any benefit. Rather, there will be damage. That customer will leave. But, at that point, if I control my anger and apologize to him, then the problem will be solved.

But many of us do not. Because then the ego becomes much bigger to us. The ego ends any relationship, be it in the form of a job, or a business. So, we have to understand the situation and control ourselves. We have to eliminate our anger as much as possible. 

5) Keep To Yourself The Bad Things That Happen To You: 

Many times we face a very bad event. We should never tell the story at home. This can make our family members hopeless. Always talk to the family about something that will inspire them. So, any bad incident should end up outside. It is better to control yourself and talk to your family with a smile.

6)The Insulting Speech Should Not Be Said: 

Many times for some reason we say insulting things to someone. That is to say, whether he is poor or rich. There is no one in the world like himself. Everyone comes into the world with different talents, it must be understood. Suppose an office project is not working properly. For this, I am very angry with my junior. Unable to control myself in anger, I said a few words. It should never be. Wrong people are just – it must be understood.

7) Avoid Temptation:

Avoiding temptation requires anticipating situations where unwanted desires might emerge and taking proactive steps to ensure that ones do not succumb to the problematic desire. For example, avoiding exposure to tempting situations can include making unhealthy foods less visible, such as keeping ones home free of unhealthy but tempting foods. 

Avoiding temptation
Control My Self

8) Forgive Yourself:

We are going to fail, failure is not the opposite word of “success”, it is the part of success. We have to forgive ourselves and move on. Beating ourselves and worrying achieve nothing, it is wasted energy. 

                Seventy-five per cent achieving a goal depends upon our attitude. 

A good attitude is a delighted worker and we are going to need to learn how to happily grind if we want to build self-control and achieve an ambitious goal. 

we can control ourselves
improving self-control

                   If we can control ourselves, we can control our lives. You don’t always have to talk about yourself. Time, the situation must look everywhere. It is better to have your own words. There is no point in telling others. Nothing can be found without comfort. One should control oneself according to the situation. Only then, we can adapt to any adverse situation. And only then, I will be able to feel the most beautiful feelings in the world.

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