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How to celebrate every day?

celebrate every day
celebrate every day

I had just finished a project that kept me up day and night for months. After its completion, a friend asked me “What have you done to celebrate?”

Celebrate? The notion hadn’t crossed my mind. I was about to run off to the next project. She helped me realize the importance of celebrating the accomplishment of a project’s end. As I reflected on this, I saw the value in celebrating the everyday and figured we could all benefit from taking a moment to celebrate the little and big achievements in our lives.

I now propose what I call, “The Celebration Project.” How can we actively and consciously take time every day to celebrate?

Here are 4 simple ways to celebrate your every day.

1. Think about your blessing daily :

The key is to develop a habit of focusing on things you are grateful for. Put a note on a small notebook that you carry always. And count your blessings.

2. Verbalize your gratitude:

Express your appreciation for all of the wonderful things and people in your life. Express your gratitude to supportive co-workers and family members.

3. Shift the focus away from difficulties:

When problems arise and you have done all you can to remedy them, train your mind to bring your attention back to your blessing. This helps you to keep things in perspective.

4. Lift others in need:

You can use your gifts ( health, energy, attitude) to helping to your coworker, friends, relatives, or any other who are going in a rough time. You can spend time with them, can giving a few words of encouragement, enthusiasm, positive energy.

celebrate every day
celebrate every day

Every day, the reflection of these prices fewer gifts gives you great Gratitude. And openly share your gratitude with others.

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