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Just 9 Steps – How to be consistent?

We all know that consistency is the key to success. But we do not know how to be consistent?  But, the key to consistency is setting and achieving some specific goals. Consistency is a great characteristic to build and implement in your life. Even though it might be difficult to be consistent.

“The key to success is consistency”
~ Zak Frazer

But if you have the inner motivation and if you follow the following tips very attentively, you can make consistency easier on yourself. Here, I will discuss 9 practical tips which can give you an idea to be consistent or you will find no struggle with consistency.

Tips for maintaining consistency-

1) Set a goal-

I think this is the most important time.
Now, a question may arise in your mind – “Is it really necessary to set goals?”. The answer is definitely yes.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”
~ Tony Robbins
Let’s discuss why making a goal is important in life.

A) Goals Help Us to Focus-

It is very important to focus on whatever we are doing. If you are studying then make sure that you give your 100% focus on that particular subject and topic. If you are a businessman then focus on the growth of your company.

Think that how you can improve your business products, and how you can improve your communication skills because it’s very important to improve your communication skill as well. So, a specific goal will help us to be focused.

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B) Increase Concentration-

A specific goal can help us to increase concentration power. Because when you are too serious about what you want to achieve in life then you can’t even understand when your concentration power has increased. You will also understand the purpose of your life.

So, if your goal is perfect according to you, then there will be no issues with consistency. It will grow automatically.

2) Build your willpower-

You can win anything or anyone with your strong willpower. Make sure that the reason why you have set a goal is clear to you. Now the question is how we can build willpower so that we can achieve goals?

A) Don’t take on too much at once-

Never do too many things at once. It will increase your anxiety when you will not be able to complete any of them. So, make sure that your to-do list is limited in that you have written only essential activities that are very important to complete immediately.

B) Take small things-

In your initial phase, take small things to complete. But you have to do it consistently. In this way, your confidence level and also willpower will increase.

3) Make a daily schedule-

You have made and achieved daily goals if you want to achieve your ultimate goal. You have to take small steps to achieve your daily targets. In every morning, you have to take a notebook in which you have to write about your targets for that particular day step by step. Then pin it on the wall. Then try to achieve them. It will help us to be consistent.

4) Give time to your hobby-

Don’t sacrifice your hobbies to fulfill your dreams. Because it will be the only medicine that will cure you at any point in time. If you are very much passionate about dancing, singing, drawing, and gardening then do that. It can refresh your mind. Many people think that it’s a waste of time. But it’s not. When you are just working and working, you need a break and relief. And I think Nothing can give you much relief than your hobbies.

5) Take your failures positively-

You know one thing, failures are the pillar of success. You will not find anyone who has never failed. Thomas Edison failed to refine the light bulb so many times. It took him 10,000 attempts to perfect. However, rather than accepting failure 9,999 times, he is quoted as answering questions about his failures as rather: ‘I have not failed. I have just found 9,999 ways that do not work’. What an amazing thought!

He took his all failures very positively. He learned something new from all of those failures. That’s what we have to do also. Failure will come but make sure that you will learn something from your failures. If you are not learning then you will fail otherwise not. So, try to take your all failures very positively and go ahead.

6) Meditation-

Meditation will help you to be calm and cool. It will help you to increase your focus and concentration level. You will be physically and mentally fit and fine if you will do meditation on a daily basis. It’s not necessary to do meditation only in the early morning.

Do meditate whenever you are comfortable. Make sure that the room is dark and noise-free so that you can concentrate on your breath. In the beginning, maybe you will face a problem concentrating. But, you have to force yourself. In this way, you will be consistent in your daily activities.

7) Reward yourself- And be Consistent

Reward yourself even for a very tiny success. Studies have shown that in the long run, internal rewards are more effective at motivating students. It will boost up to move forward. Also, it will help to be confident. Suppose, you are giving a test and you have secured good marks.

For example, tell yourself- ” I have secured good marks. Now I will take a small and peaceful nap as a reward or I’ll listen to music for a while.” Trust me, it will work as medicine and you can be more consistent in life.

8) Avoid Distractions-

If you are serious enough with your goals then I don’t think you need any motivation to avoid distractions. I will suggest you one thing that is don’t try to avoid distractions. In this way, distraction will grasp you. You are working for 7 to 8 hours a day.

Just like that, fix some time to your distractions also. For example, after studying you can give time to your mobile phone to watch youtube videos, to chat with some friends. Don’t treat distraction as a distraction. Treat them as mind-refreshing medicines. But make sure that your first priority is your duty.

9) Keep away from negative comments-

It really matters with whom you are spending your maximum time. If you are in a negative environment where people used to criticize you, just listen to their objections carefully, and if you find anything wrong in their statements that can pull you down then leave them.

Sometimes we have to maintain distance from our close relatives and friends of their non-cooperation. It’s completely fine. I think you should not make friends with them if you really want to achieve something in life. If you keep yourself motivated enough then no one can criticize you and no one can pull you down. If you avoid such negative people, you will stay consistent mentally.

These are 9 tips that can help you to be consistent. These 9 practical tips make a person consistent. Consistency is very important at any stage in life. If you are a school or college-going student then it’s very necessary that you are consistent enough in case studying. If you are a businessman then make sure that you are giving your 100% to your company.

No need to do work or study for 18 or 19 hours in a day. You will work 18 or 19 hours for a single day or two days. But, you will never continue it. In this way, your anxiety and frustration levels will increase. Try to understand the capabilities of your brain then according to it, you have to do work. But, be consistent. If you are investing 7 to 8 hours in a day on studying then you have to give it every day.

Then you can increase or decrease it according to your basic need. If you are a working person or a businessman then you have to give time on your duty. But, if you want to do something new in your life then be focused and consistent.

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