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Grit : The Power of Passion – Book Summary

We all want to get success in life. But, a very few people can get success. Have you ever wondered why? What is the difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person? What makes difference between them? “Grit” makes the difference.

You have to be dedicated to your dreams. If you really want to become successful in life then only grit can convert your dreams into reality. Have you any idea about grit? What is grit? What is the importance of grit in life?
Let’s try to find out from the book summary “Grit” By Angela Duckworth.

Success depends on passion and dedication. These two terms are called “Grit”. You have to be very much passionate about what you are doing or what you want to do. If you are really passionate you don’t need to force yourself to do that work.

Dr. Duckworth said that “When I knockdown, I will get back up. I may not be the smartest person in the room but I will try to be the grittiest.” If you fail again and again and if you try to learn lessons from those failures, again and again, you must be successful in life.

According to general human tendency, when we see any incredible performance of any person, we give all the credit to the talent of that person. We think, that if any person is very good at playing cricket, we think that the player has God gifted talent.

But, we never think about their efforts to do that types of incredible performances or to be a wonderful cricketer. Dr. Duckworth explained the equation of achievement in her book. According to her,

Talent × Effort = Skill
Skill × Effort = Achievement
Therefore, Talent × Effort × Effort = Achievement

Here, Talent counts once and effort counts twice. So, Success depends on effort as compared to talent.

There are some important points from the grit book summary the below:

1) Identify and Chase Passion-

First of all, you have to identify your passion. Then, you will organize a goal according to your passion to chase. When you identify your passion you have to work upon it with full attention. If you just think about your passion and you don’t take any necessary action to chase your passion, you will never get success. An effort is a very necessary step to get success.

2) Push the Limits of Your Abilities-

If you have grit, you will try to improve yourself daily. Your competitors will not intimidate you, they will inspire you to do hard work. Gritty people push their abilities and are strict with constant never-ending improvements.
Gritty people always have a burning desire for improvement daily.

3) Keep the Purpose in your Mind-

You have to keep yourself motivated all the time. Never try to find motivation outside. You will never get it. Only your purpose can motivate you. Always try to find out the purpose of your goals. According to scientifically proven facts and surveys, IQ levels hardly differ between the most eminent and least eminent people. Persistence of motive makes the difference.

4) Embrace Growth Mindset-

If we want to get success we have to face failure also. But, we have to embrace a growth mindset. No matter how many failures come in life, we have to learn from those failures. A growth mindset will help you to improve yourself on a daily basis.

So, a fantastic recipe for excellence is Exceptional Zeal, Unusual Ability, and Capacity for Hard Labour. If people doesn’t want to learn from failures then we can’t get inspiration from Ratan Tata, Sunita Williams, Elon Musk and many other successful persons. We can’t get success from talent. We can get success from passion and dedication.

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These are four points from the grit book summary that we must keep in mind to get success. It depends on you how you accept these steps. Don’t take these steps as motivation. You have to take these steps very practically. If you observe any successful people, you will surely notice these qualities in them.

Many people will come into your life to demotivate you. But, if you keep yourself motivated by your efforts and hard work you will surely get success.

Keep maintaining the distance from toxic people also. At the end of the day, it really matters what kind of people you are around. You have to do hard work in the right direction.

Otherwise, your hard work really does not matter. You have to give your 100% to chase your goals.

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