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Emotional Intelligence By Daniel Goleman – Book Summary

Emotional Intelligence Book Summary. At present, we react a lot to small things. For example, many people start arguing about who will sit in the bus seat first. In the current digital age, we have forgotten what personal life is. We are very concerned about virtual life. And this is due to the lack of emotional intelligence. Many of us lack it. So let’s take a look at Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence book very easily today. This book can change our lives too.

According to the author, Emotional Intelligence is our ability to understand another person’s Emotions. And as such we can react with it.
Today we will discuss the 7 Signs of this book. With the help of which we can understand what we should do and what we should not do.

1. They Learn to Criticism

None of us like negative feedback. We don’t want anyone to make negative comments about our work. But still many do not like our work. They criticize us. It has a very good side. But many of us do not bother about the good side.

If someone says something bad about us or criticizes us, we go to him first and tell him two things. The author says that the good thing about criticism is that it can improve us. We will grow more. Criticism will cause stubbornness in us.

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So when a person criticizes us, it will be our job to think for a while without reacting. We need to think about how what the person has told us will help us move forward.

2. They say Sorry

So much ego has been created in us nowadays that we don’t even apologize for our mistakes. On the other hand, people do not feel any hesitation to say sorry for their forgotten emotional intelligence. It takes a lot of courage to say sorry after a fight or anger with someone close to you. In other words, the price of a relationship is much higher for them.

Again, this is not the work of any Emotional weakness people. Emotional intelligence People immediately say sorry for any mistake they make. For this, everyone likes them a lot. In many cases Emotional intelligence helps us to realize this, that sorry does not mean that we have made a mistake but it means that we prioritize our relationship over our ego.

3. They Forgive, Forget, and Move Ahead

Emotional intelligence forgives people, quarrels with others, forgets trouble, and moves forward. Many of us continue to confuse ourselves by thinking about any of our past events. Emotional intelligence People forgive easily, forget old bad sad memories or events but they never forget the lessons they get from those events.

4. They are Committed

Emotional intelligence People try to keep their word all the time. It is easy to talk but very difficult to talk. But they are very punctual and committed in all matters.

5. They Show Sympathy

Emotional intelligence People have sympathy for others. When someone goes to someone with his problem, if he immediately starts saying solution, then it should be understood that there is less sympathy in him. She is very practical. But usually, people with emotional intelligence have the sympathy thing. They will listen to someone’s problem first, understand, then maybe say solution slowly. Sympathy means that we fully understand the situation of others. By doing this we can have a good relationship with that person.

6. They Think then react

Emotional intelligence People think a little before they react. Maybe the other person has a problem or he is very worried about something. So maybe the heat of anger has reacted more. Any Emotional Intelligence People Think Before They Talk. No decision is based on a temporary emotion. So you have to think a little before reacting in any way.

7. They Learn from Failure

Emotional Intelligence Book Summary- Emotional intelligence people learn from their mistakes. And tries to correct their mistakes. When they lose, the person who wins asks himself, “Did he win? Do they have the strength that I don’t have?” They always see their own mistakes, and they try to correct them. They learn from mistakes. They do not fall into the trap of past mistakes. Rather, he tries to make the present beautiful by learning from that mistake. Emotional weakness on the other hand when people lose they tend to blame their fate. So they don’t even try to win a second time.

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