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Biography Of Dhanush The Most Popular Actor

Biography Of Dhanush (The Most Popular Actor) in South Indian cinema. He wanted to complete a hotel management course and work in an expensive restaurant. He had a keen interest in cooking.

Story Of Starting Acting

His father Kasturi Raja was the Film Director of the Tamil Industry. He reached this place after many struggles in his youth. There have been many days when he has sold his stories to the writers in his name for only 50 rupees. So he watched closely what Struggle was called. He wanted to give his son a chance. And let Dhanush use that opportunity honestly.

But Dhanush had to grow up to be a Marine Engineer, or to work as a Chef in a five-star hotel. But when his father asked him to work on ‘Thulvadho Elamai’ in 2002, he refused. Because then he was very scared to get on the stage. Even standing in the middle of a crowd of people would make him nervous. But the father did not listen to him.

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The movie was made, and Realize in time. But the movie turned out to be a complete flop. And the newspaper was full of condemnation. Dhanush cried a lot with the paper of the day in his hand.

But then a stubbornness awoke in him. He could not accept this condemnation just because he did not look like the so-called heroes. He then acted again in the movie ‘Gadhal Corndel’. Here he was seen in the role of a mentally disturbed young man. But that performance in this movie caused quite a stir. In 2006, He works on the movie Shabuz Pudhupettal. The movie became so popular that it created a huge fan base.

Success Of Dhanush

Biography Of Dhanush The Most Popular Actor. Every artist has a dream in mind. In the movie called ‘Alu Kalam’, The main theme was cockfighting. But his work was hampered by his bird allergy. So the doctor advised him to use body rubber. But he did not agree. Dhanush acted in all the scenes in the movie with the necessary medical assistance. This movie has won a national award. At that time he was the youngest of the National Award-winning actors.

His name is Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja. The names of the two southern actors were similar to his own. That is why he changed his name to Dhanush.

Then He composed a song called Colabari d. He sang this song himself. This song is almost the first music video in India. Whose Views cross 100 million. People all over the world were in tune with this song.

Dhanush acted film ‘Raanjhanaa’. It was Dhanush’s Bollywood first Hindi movie. Dhanush learns Hindi for this movie. Looking at the movie, it does not seem that he did not know Hindi before.

Motivation From Dhanush

A slender, black, short boy Dhanush. He has made it to the list of successes in one hit movie after another. He has proved that no matter what the color or height of the skin, it cannot be an obstacle in the way of success.

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