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12 Tips to crack competitive Exams

Do you want to crack competitive examinations on the first attempt? Here are 12 Tips to crack competitive Exams.  But, you don’t know how you can prepare for competitive exams. Don’t take tension. Here is your solution. Millions of students give competitive exams every year.

The number of students is increasing day by day. Be it UPSC, JEE, NEET, PSC, SSC CGL, NDA, CA, or Banking everything is possible to crack if you follow some tips. You have to ask yourself just one question that is – “Why did you start the preparation?”

If the reason is clear to you like freshwater then I think you will fight against all the distractions that are pulling you down. Here, I will share 14 tips with you that you can follow to get maximum results. So, let’s get started.

1) Make a Time-table:

Time table is very important for not only students but also for working people, businessmen. You can make your own daily schedule or timetable at night or in the morning. It’s completely your choice. But make sure that you make a timetable every day. Now, the question may arise in your mind that how to make a timetable. Let’s see.

How to make time table:

1) Include all necessary activities in your daily timetable that you will do on that day. For example, studying, coding, cooking, playing, and everything.

2) Try to put enough time into studying each subject. Give more time to study difficult subjects. If you have Math, then make sure that you will give at least 2 to 3 hours to practice Mathematics. Because Math is all about application. If you don’t practice it regularly, you will forget the mathematical formulas. You have to increase or decrease time as per your need to study that subject. So, in this way you have to make a timetable

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3) Study after completing your class as soon as possible. After completing class, revise what has been taught in the class. You must include revision time in your timetable.

4) You can follow teaching techniques. Suppose, you are doing some applications in physics. After completing it, you can teach your younger sisters or brothers or your friends. In this way, the topic will stick in your mind. You will never forget it. Add time to follow this teaching technique in your timetable.

So, by using these four ways you can easily make your timetable to crack the competitive examination.

2) Make Your Own Strategy-

This is one of the most important Tips to crack competitive Exams. You should maintain a self-made strategy for each subject. Suppose, you will start studying Biology. First, make strategy for it. For example, you will read this topic in this way, you will give less time to this topic, you will read this topic from other books, and you will do some easy chapters at first. Now, I will suggest you one thing.

Make your strategy by understanding your own capabilities. Don’t take help in this matter. Because may be subject will be same. But, the strategy to study those subjects varies from person to person. You can watch some youtube videos just to get some ideas. But, never follow them blindly.
So, in this way you have to make your own strategy.

3) Time Management Tips to crack competitive Exams

It’s a very important skill that you should learn. Because you will not get enough time to write answers in the examination hall. So, now what will be your duty? Suppose, you are preparing for a competitive examination in which you will get 3 hours to write answers in the examination hall. So, try to give some practice tests or mock tests for 3 hours.

Then, see if you will be able to complete the paper within a given time or not. In this way, whenever you will give a mock make sure that you will complete the full paper within 15 minutes. Then, in the rest 15 minutes, you will check your full paper, and you try to solve some extra questions or whatever it is.

So, manage time very smartly. You can also go through the all questions in the first 5 minutes. After that, you can start writing. Many students do not know how to manage time. That is why they rush at the end.

4) Maintain Patience-

Patience is a very important Tips to crack competitive Exams. If you want to crack any competitive examinations, it will definitely take time. It’s not like you are preparing for a competitive exam which will be held the next month. So, it’s a very long journey.

We lack patience. We want to finish any work as soon as possible. But, we should give a specific time for each task. We have to be patient. Patience and concentration help us achieve success. Keep maintaining patience to crack the competitive examination on the first attempt.

5) Give Time to solving Questions-

Questions practice is very important. But, you should know, how to practice questions, what is the best time to practice questions, and how many questions to practice. In the initial stage, I will suggest practicing topic-wise questions. So that, each and every topic will be easy for you to memorize.

Then, after completing one chapter, do practice all types of questions related to the chapter’s topic. Give more importance to the previous year’s questions (PYQs). It’s very important to follow the trend. I am not saying you will get each and every question common from the PYQs.

But, you will get some ideas about the questions. If you are unable to solve any question, mark that question with a red circle. Next time, when you will solve them, you will give extra attention to that question. So, in this way you have to solve questions.

6) Clear your Doubts-

Many students keep their doubts unclear. Do you know why? Because they are afraid to ask questions or have doubts about their teachers. They think, “If I ask this doubt the teacher what do other students think about me? They will surely laugh at me. I will not ask this question.

Maybe this question is too silly to ask.” In this way, they are stuck in one place. They have no growth. They no longer understand the next topic. Because some subjects have a link to the previous topic with the next topic.

There are so many applications available in the play store. If you can put your doubts, they will clear your all doubts. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Because the more you ask questions, you will be a master of that particular subject. You can ask doubts about your seniors, mentors, and parents. Make sure, you will solve your all doubts.

7) Surround Yourself with Positive People-

It’s another very important tip to crack any competitive examinations. In the preparation, there will be lots of ups and downs. But, you have to stay motivated. I know, we can get demotivated easily if we get a low score on tests if we fail to solve any problems.

Take a deep breath and say it’s okay to make mistakes. But, make sure that you will definitely learn from those mistakes and never repeat those mistakes again and again. Always keep yourself with positive and dynamic persons who can help and support you in your low phase, and who can correct your mistakes. Most importantly, who will never demotivate you.

8) Take Breaks-

It’s very important to take a break in between your studies. In this case, you can use the “POMODORO” technique. It’s a very effective technique. According to the “POMODORO” technique, after studying for 25 minutes you have to take a break for 5 minutes.

In order to take a break, you can do some free hand exercise, or you can go for a quick walk or you can spend time with your parents. During these breaks, don’t do anything that distracts you. And then, you can get back to studying again. So, in this way you have to take breaks.

9) Explore Syllabus-

It’s very much necessary to crack competitive examinations. This is a very important step in your exam preparation phase. But, unfortunately, many people start reading books without reading the entire syllabus for the exam. When you are going to start preparing for any exams plz do read the exam syllabus thoroughly. In this way, you will get a clear-cut idea about the exam.

It’s very important to know what are the basic requirements of the exam. So, after knowing everything about the syllabus then, you have started studying. You have to go through each and every topic mentioned in your exam syllabus.

10) Prepare Short Notes-

You can also make some short notes on each and every subject. I know, it’s quite impossible to make short notes for Mathematics. But, you can make a formula chart for each and every chapter in Maths. For other subjects, you can make a chart or mind maps.

A question may arise in your mind that – “Is it necessary to make short notes for each and every subjects?” Well, it varies from person to person. Some students need to make short notes and some students don’t. It’s your personal choice.

But, I will suggest you make Short notes in your own way. It will definitely help you in your revision time. Because it’s near impossible to read all the topics of this subject. But, if you make some short notes of it, you can easily revise them on the last day of your examination.

11) Question Paper Attempting Strategy-

It’s very much necessary to know the question paper attempting strategy. Start with your favorite and most easy subject. Because it will build confidence. And you will attend the rest questions very confidently.

But, if you take a comparatively hard subject to solve, maybe it will decrease your confidence level. In the starting time, if your confidence level decease, it may affect your examination badly. So, try to solve from easy questions and then gradually move to the difficult questions.

12) One Subject One Book-

There are so many books available in the market for a particular subject. Don’t buy so many books for a subject. You should buy any one book and study the book thoroughly. You have to revise again and again. Sometimes, you will think that “Okay, I have done with this subject”.

But, when you will go to practice questions, you will not be able to solve maximum questions. Relax, it happens to all of us. The only solution is to read a particular book again and again. It is better to read one book ten times than to read ten books. In this, you will become a master of that subject. It will definitely help you to crack competitive examinations.

How can I study hard for the competitive exams?

These are 12 Tips to crack competitive Exams to pass competitive exams. Many students face a problem. They can’t afford standard coaching. It’s alright. Coaching will give you 20% progress, you have to do the rest 80%. Students can easily prepare at home by following these helpful tips.

You can easily crack competitive exams by following all the steps. Keep in mind that you should start preparing from the basics. Then gradually you have to move towards advancement. Just believe in yourself. Everything will be alright.

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