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12 brain rules By John Medina Book Summary

12 brain rules By John Medina Book Summary.12 brain rules guaranteed to change your life. John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist & research consultant, says that behind all our problems is the way the brain thinks. All our problems can be solved if we know the important rules of the brain. So John Medina wrote a book.

In this book, he talks about 12 very important rules. Knowing these can increase our ability to learn, try new things, think and do things 10 times more. No matter where we are in life, these 12 rules can take our daily performance to the next level.

If we can follow these 12 rules properly, every day of life will become happy for us and we can do our daily work with great interest. Moreover, we can reduce our stress, anxiety. So let’s learn those 12 rules.

Rule no 1- The brain is a survival organ that evolves with time.

According to the author, our brain is a survival organ that has evolved over time. The way our people think, the strategy to survive has evolved a lot.

Another reason for our survival is that we are not the most powerful creatures on earth, but we have been able to develop the strongest brains over time.

And this is the reason for our survival. Analyzing our ability to work and co-operate with other people to survive has been our survival strategy for thousands of years.

And if the environment or the people around us support our goal, always give us positive energy, then our productivity and creativity are further boosted.

But if we do not have good relationships or understanding with others, then that situation can make both our life and brain useless.

And that could be the cause of our premature death. Therefore, it has been proved that our survival organ is not the strongest body, only our strongest brain.

Rule no 2-Exercise boosts our brainpower.

12 brain rules By John Medina Book Summary. If we exercise, not only the body but also our brain power increases. Researchers have studied two types of populations, who follow different lifestyles. Group A included those who exercised every day and always led a productive life. On the other hand, there were those in group B who did not do any kind of physical exercise. Researchers conducted various experiments and found that the score of group A was higher than that of group B.

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As many of us know, our brains are ready to travel 19 kilometers every day. But if we do any physical exercise 2-3 days a week for only 30 minutes, then we can increase the energy of our brain. Which can enhance both our ability to think and our ability to learn new things easily.

Moreover, exercise circulates the blood of our brain. And this blood energy kills the toxic cells of the brain with the help of glucose. So that the flow of our oxygen can clear the thinking block of our brain. And so that more neurons can reach the brain and it can increase the creativity of the brain and make us mentally strong.

Rule no 3- Sleep well, think well.

Good sleep makes our thinking real and productive. Due to lack of proper sleep, our brain’s ability to focus, brain function memory, even logical thinking gradually begin to be damaged.

According to research, just 26 minutes of sleep nap increased the performance of NASA pilots by 34 percent. It is very common if we feel tired due to work pressure all day or if we want to get some sleep in the afternoon.

Because around three in the afternoon, a battle is going on between the biochemicals of our brain. Where on the one hand there is a strong effort to stay awake and on the other hand there is a desire to sleep. If possible, we should take a small nap at that time.

Dr. John Medina said, in fact, our brains do not rest even when sleeping. He keeps trying to learn something new from what he has seen all day. But we need a little sleep or proper sleep for a productive mind and a healthy life.

Rule no 4- Stressed brains, don’t learn the same way.

Thinking all the time damages both our learning ability and brain. Our brain is ready to survive stress for about 30 seconds, not for long-lasting stress or depression.

Because depression makes the blood vessels in our brain worse. This can lead to heart attacks. If we experience a lot of stress at home or in the office, then this stress will affect our chances of success in life a lot.

It will also make our daily improvement, performance, and productivity worse. Increased cortisol as a result of stress causes cell damage in the hippocampus of the brain and impairs our ability to think and remember.

If your relationship is not right, fix it if you are under stress. And never take the stress of your home to the office. Then you can lead a healthy life.

Rule no 5- Every brain is wired differently.

Each brain is wired separately. We used to know that our human brain is one of a kind. But this information is wrong. After a lot of research, scientists say, every human brain wiring is different. We can develop our own brains. But our brain can never be like anyone else’s brain. Even twin babies have different brains.

Difference brain wiring ignores our education system in our great system. Our intelligence is measured by our test and exam marks. Where each student’s brain is differently wired. So business-like Amazon has established itself as a successful company knowing the interest of millions of people.

Rule no 6- Don’t pay attention to boring things.

We humans do not meditate on boring things. We only focus on the things that are behind our interests, profit, emotion, and culture. It doesn’t matter, who are you? Your brain focuses on these questions consciously or subconsciously. Like- can I eat it? Can I eat it? Can I have a relationship with Ener? Did I see Anna anywhere?

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The brain finds all these reasons. The brain is not made for multitasking, but we are still encouraged to do multitask in the office or at school. Multitasking can increase our chances of mistakes or failures up to 50 percent. So we should avoid multitasking. And should focus on any one task.

Rule no 7- Repeat to remember.

12 brain rules By John Medina Book Summary. We should repeat something to learn or remember. Our brain stores some important information for a long time. The rest of the unimportant things begin to erase our short-term memory.

So we need a journal or whiteboard or reminder much more. If you want to remember something, or if you want to learn something and be the best at it, repeat that thing for a while so that it becomes practice or you can focus on one thing.

Rule no 8- Our senses work together so it is important to stimulate them.

All our senses work together. So we should make full use of it. Because our sense of smell reminds us of a movie theater straight from buttery popcorn. Or the smell of rain or flowers reminds us of a person, a situation, or a place.

If we want to remember something while reading or working, then we can add some smell or fragrance to it. Be it a perfume or a room candle. And whenever we get that smell, we will remember that information of the past. And it’s chance maybe 10-50 percent.

Brain Rules no 9- Vision trumps all other senses.

Our sense of seeing is greater than all sense. We can better remember the information we see visually as compared to listening or reading. We can’t read a biography and remember what is said on any page or any situation.

But if a movie is made based on that biography, then we can remember it well. Because we know what is right and what is wrong for us after looking at animals, food, fear, and people in our history. Then I converted that visual power into art or literature. So that we can remember something visually.

Rule no 10- Music can make our brain smarter.

Listening to music or composing music can make us smart. Dr. Medina’s wife was a classical music composer. Dr. Medina has observed and studied many such musicians and found out that our music test shows our personality. Music can sharpen our memory and skills.

Composing music can enhance our reading ability, maths, and emotional intelligence. Listening to music can change our mood and improve our vocabulary. It depends on age to age and interest.

Rule no 11- Male and female brains are different.

That is, the brains of males and females are different from each other. Show researcher Lary male and female horror movie once. He noticed that only the right hemisphere of the male brain was working, and the left hemisphere was calm. On the other hand, only the left hemisphere of the female brain is working, and the right hemisphere is calm.

As a result, he realized the way men and women handle stress, think, and even act differently. And after doing many such case studies, mental health professionals can find out that females are more depressed than males and get nervous quickly. Males and females also have different emotional handling methods.

Brain Rules no 12- We are powerful and natural explorers.

That means we are powerful and natural explorers. The desire to explore something new every time does not leave us behind. But most of the time we are stuck in our classes or office work.

Where we humans learn new things and come to this world. How curious we are as children. We used to try to learn everything by breaking them down and covering them up again.

But that’s what gets lost as you get older. Google always gives their employers at least 25 percent time to explore. And this exploration has invented ideas like Gmail or Google news. So just like our children, we have to do some different explores or try to do some different ideas for brain growth.

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